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At Sourcing Business Solutions, it is not just about saving money. Our philosophy is to add value to your business. With over 20 years of experience, we go beyond just scratching the surface and dig into your business challenges. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, we have experience in finding ways to reduce cost. From spanning the globe for the best suppliers in the marketplace to conducting competitive bids. We will even train your work group on how to buy and source better.

Competitive Bid Expertise. Let us review your costs and find you savings.

We will perform a business review at no charge for you and if we don't save you any money, you don't pay us any money.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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    Manufacturing Expertise

    Over the past decade or so, we have gained valuable experience working with various manufacturers that are critical to the supply chain.

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    Recent Successes

    Saved over 20% in industrial supplies for a large retailer; saved 30% in construction services for a manufacturer; clients average three times more in savings than consulting fees paid

About Sourcing Business Solutions

With 20 years of experience in both financial, operations, and supply chain excellence, we will do whatever it takes to reduce costs and add value to your business.

Supplier Identification and Qualification
We will span the globe looking for the right suppliers for you and conduct competitive bids for your company. The savings go right to your bottom line.

Competitive Bids or RFPs
We will conduct a business review of your operation for no charge. We simply share in the savings if any savings are found.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have your group trained, we can conduct on-site training on various subjects ranging from negotiations, RFP (Request for Proposal) creation and execution, and other topics. We can even conduct strategy facilitations to assist you in reaching your goals of adding value to your company.

Pro Purchaser: Free 45-day trial
Track 100's of commodities instantly with graphs and solid data. Improve your negotiations with facts! Simply click the link below for a free 45-day trial (no credit cards are required) to Pro Purchaser. Users will be able to track hundreds of commodities including energy, metals, food, packaging, etc. The tools allow you to determine "should be" pricing and provides quick graphs to improve your negotiation success. Home Depot, Shell, Coleman, Oracle, Pfizer, HSBC Bank, Tyco, R.J. Reynolds, and Winn-Dixie have already discovered the value of this excellent software tool. Free 45-day trial

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